Blog: Dog and Cat

Vaccinations for Kittens and Cats

Vaccinations are a necessary part of your pet’s healthcare. However, vaccination plans should be tailored specifically to each pet’s needs, since their lifestyle influences which vaccines are the right fit. Other factors like age will also determine the frequency your pet will need to be vaccinated. To discuss your pet’s...

Ultrasound and X-ray

X-rays and ultrasounds allow us to explore your pet’s body through digital images. Both procedures are non-invasive and are safe for your pet. Our team is fully trained to minimize the risks of both procedures, ensuring your pet has a positive experience with our digital imaging technology.

Surgical Services

Our team performs a range of soft tissue surgeries on pets. Soft tissue surgeries include procedures that don’t involve bones. All surgeries are performed in our fully equipped surgical suite, which includes a range of equipment that allows us to complete your pet’s procedure safely and successfully.

Spay and Neutering

Spaying involves removing your female pet’s ovaries and uterus, whereas for male pets, we remove their testicles. Your pet must be placed under general anesthesia before the surgery begins, so they’re unconscious throughout. Before any pet is given anesthesia, we perform pre-anesthesia bloodwork in our onsite lab to ensure there...