Blog: Services

Senior Care

Senior pets should see us for a veterinary exam every six months. As pets age, they tend to develop more health issues that must be closely monitored. These checkups are like pet owners’ annual checkups, where a lot can change in a short time. To book your pet’s next appointment,...


Our rehabilitation services support pets who need healing and pain management, whether from a short-term injury or chronic condition. Rehabilitation helps your pet’s body regenerate by healing from the outside in. Our team will work with you to decide which treatments work best, depending on your pet’s condition.

Parasite Control and Prevention

Parasites can spread harmful diseases to your pet, causing conditions ranging from an allergic reaction to life-threatening health issues. Parasite control is the best way to protect your pet against potential problems. By providing your pet with regular preventative care, you’re giving them broad-spectrum protection against preventable health issues.

Nutrition Counselling

Nutrition counselling provides you with expert advice about the best types of foods to feed your pet. Your pet’s diet should be based on unique needs versus general guidance. Particularly if your pet has special dietary needs, like a unique plan based on a health condition, we can advise you...